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This new season comes with new things to try in life, and we tend to see them as if it is too much to handle at the same time. We get frustrated as we try to achieve our roll in life but still we are not sure what is that and why we feel so constrained and confused. The results: anger or tears. The cause: FEAR.

“Fear of death” says Sage Patanjali as he explains the sanskrit term klesha in the 2nd chapter, sutra no. 9. We are afraid of just loosing our life on the spot as we see ourselves not being able to resolve things in a creative way. So, we need to be creative and for that we need a new horizon to see things differently.

I have been practicing the concept of observing my fear –of death- when something is too stressful (dead lines for courses and retreats, having to translate 2 hour-yoga classes from English to French and even uploading material online). Sad but true. And, this is why we practice yoga: to commit to be conscious of our struggles and prevent to be reactive.

According to Patanjali, the best way to fix ourselves is to reduce suffering by “involution”, this is to step back, and un-learn old habits of perception. Like this, you will learn to OBSERVE your THOUGHTS, then your EMOTIONS, and see if it is anger, sadness or FEAR. Ok, so OBSERVING WHILE YOU ARE VERY UPSET is not so easy at the beginning. And this is why you must learn to give yourself time before you REACT (shout, scream, cry, hit somebody…). It is possible!

This is the secret: STEP BACK by using your breath AND OBSERVE. You will achieve this by using this excellent tool I provide here. You will be able to see everything from a new scope, to see the light at the end of the tunnel with just getting connected with your breath for at least 3 minutes every day. Get connected with your the rhythm of your breath and realize how amazing life can be when you are aware of the gift of deep and long breathing.

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