Changing Habits with Breath and Observation


Remember your potential to become who you are by remembering the essence of the soul.

Breathing consciously helps you to know your center and to recognize your true identity through which you feel existence is light, joyful and generous. The soul only knows this. As you develop a conscious breathing pattern you learn to OBSERVE at great length: the dynamics of your outer and inner world.

This is how observation becomes a precious tool to use when you are about to loose control over your emotions (anger, shout, cry, etc.), over your thoughts (arguments, beliefs, information, etc.) and over your behavior (actions or reactions). For instance, has it happened to you that you start making a huge story on how things could go wrong out of almost nothing? So, you start thinking fast, you imagine the worst, you find no solution for your situation, and your breath is not necessarily speeded up, but you may be not paying attention to it. Well, in Yoga this is known as “the monkey mind” talking (a thinking habit). This is the moment for you to get to know it!

Let us understand its connection to behavior: disturbing situations (job, traffic, money, food, people) create emotions that are processed through thoughts. Individuals tend to act or react (flight or fight) according to these thoughts. This is a normal HABIT. The problem begins when thinking habits become wrong, repetitive and drive individuals to live in anxiety and stress. You must know you can change these habits by observing them.

Click here now to try my 3 minutes Self-Observation Exercise.

Enjoy your journey!