Confront your Deepest Fears and then just RELAX

Confront your deepest fear and relax, Intl Yoga Festival France, August 2016
Confront your deepest fear and relax, Intl Yoga Festival France, August 2016

Traveling is the best way to get inspired and to renew your creativity. Like this you learn to overcome some little things in life –not to say everything.

Along a journey, you may find tiny situations that make you wiser. These are lessons to test your strength to confront incertitude and fear. When I travel I love to welcome these lessons with an open heart and I integrate them in my yoga sessions.

This is how after many years of traveling, I’ve become able to help my patients to “decode” their fears. The main problem is that they do not know “who’s talking” in their heads when fear and stress take over their body. There are people who believe that whatever this voice says is REAL. This is what we psychologists call “irrational beliefs”. These wrong beliefs distort our perception when we live a frightening situation making us feel stressed, paralyzed, angry or depressed. Somehow, it becomes a vicious cycle from which people may not be able to escape from.

Since my patients can’t go often on a trip to achieve a goal related to overcome fear, I invite them to live their daily life as a never-ending journey in which a yoga session is the inspiring part of their trip reminding them the importance of a full heart compromise.

Their first mission is to work with their physical bodies to control the emotional reactions: An intensive preparation for the nervous system that sustains their reactions when they feel afraid. This is basically what I share in my new personalized yoga sessions “Kundalini Yoga – La dynamique du corps physique”,  “Yoga à L’Atelier 2i” and “Kudalini Asana 1 – Atelier Intensive“. They are mainly  an intensive preparation of the body including not only muscles and bones but also the nervous, immune, hormonal, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems.

Once balancing them, the second step is to learn to “observe” when they hear the little voice whispering words of fear. Then, they have to recognize if it is the ego, the mind or the soul. This journey becomes even deeper as the person works with its energetic, mental and subtle bodies. A simple rule to master this exercise: Remember that the soul does not know fear or sorrow. Hence, when the fear’s voice talks, you must know it is not telling you the truth.

Once you memorize this principle they can move forward to the 3rd step: real confrontation towards uncertainty and fear. This is the work I shared at the International Yoga Festival in France last month in a 6-hour workshop “Transforming fear into love energy” (click here for the french version next autumn). I am so grateful with all those who came and were committed to integrate the principles of yoga psychology to transform their deepest fears into something different, into something beautiful. These people were brave enough to make it happen!. The participants went through an immersion towards inner knowledge with the use of kundalini yoga rebirthing techniques. It was a real journey of self-renewal and inner integration towards authenticity. Thank you so much for wanting to rediscover yourself!

If you were not there, I hope you join me into this trip I enjoy so much to share and accompany others in my next workshops!.

For now I share with you this meditation on Maturity and Wisdom (from Yogi Bhajan). Check out the commentaries I wrote and try to build it up starting with 3 minutes, then 11, 22 and then 31 if you like it very much. Click here to download, use the code in the newsletter.

For those who were in the Festival and would like to have some of the material I offered please write me an email to

Have a wonderful Autumn!

Infinite Blessings!