“I Just Felt in Love with Yoga…”

I just Felt in Love with Yoga. MonaVillacresYoga©
“I just Felt in Love with Yoga”. Amsterdam, 2016, MonaVillacresYoga©

Somebody said this during an intensive program I attended last month. It resonated deep within me!.

“I Just Felt in Love with Yoga…” says all about my personal story with yoga. In fact, all that I have done since 2002, such as investing my savings in trainings, traveling abroad for yoga conferences and symposiums, my studies in India and intensive programs with inspiring teachers, all that was only because, my attraction to its powerful effect was always impossible to avoid. Today, yoga is my everyday lover since the first day I met it (New Jersey, July 2002).

Yes my dear fellows, you must know that all I share with you during classes and workshops is the result of this passionate and long lasting relationship. Despite yoga walks beside me all the time, our commitment is based on freedom. It is a healthy relationship in which lessons of life are integrated with grace and devotion to the infinite consciousness and not to any imposing religion. We walk together on a path of spiritual experiences. Like this, I listen to my body and my intuition to always confront daily events with a BIG SMILE, just as when I perform a new struggling asana or kundalini meditation. Like this, I must say that all actions all always perfect.

Being in love with yoga have liberated me from my fears and contradictions in life. I still live with them, but I do not suffer for them anymore. My new perception of reality is always linked with my vision, my search for authenticity and my path towards Self-Knowledge. I have learned to walk forward every day by sticking up to the present moment, feeling so free, ready for anything. This is an authentic love experience I share with the Universe in every single breath thanks to yoga.

I like inviting people to try falling in love with yoga; not only to practice it, but to let its unfolding message touch their hearts and to awaken their intuition. I invite them to let things just happen, also to discover more love experiences with and through yoga.

I wonder what is the description of this authentic relationship for every single human practicing yoga today in the world. What’s yours?

Have a wonderful day!

Infinite blessings,