Traveling Abroad & Traveling Within

Arriving at Kanyakumari, India, Mona Villacres ©
Arriving at Kanyakumari, India, 2010 Mona Villacres ©

I am preparing my luggage to start my summer vacations. At last!!! 2017 was the year of traveling within, now I need to go out there and apply the lessons learned! IT IS URGENT! haha! For those who follow me on my facebook fan page and instagram, they may understand what I am trying to say… 😉

So, what is my deal with TRAVELING?
My passion for traveling started when I was 14. I went to visit my uncles in the US and they took me to Canada. On the way back to NJ, I had to get a bus from Buffalo to NYC all alone (due to a logistic situation), and that was a great trip for me. It was the opportunity to get to know that I was a citizen of the world. And that felt SOOO GOOOD!. After that, I never stopped moving around the world.

Traveling is for me a creative way to freshen up my mind, to reconnect to the vibration of my heart and soul. The strength of the synchronicity that I experience in every journey is like honey for my existence.

This is how Yoga became my 2nd favorite way to travel: going far within. Somehow, these 2 directions converged in my life so that I travel because of any yoga activity. Amazing!.
This year after being at -my new- home for so long (7 months in a row – travelling within!) I am being gifted with 3 destinations (not all related to yoga events, but where my yoga practice will surely nourish my energy again!

So, this is how I start my trip:
1st Stop: The International Kundalini Yoga Festival here in France where I will give an intensive workshop on Anger (check it out!)
2nd Stop: Casablanca – Marocco: Planned since 2012, the idea is to travel around some parts of the country by car with my husband and 2 other friends. I can’t wait to take pictures again!!!!!
3rd Stop: HOME: Quito – Ecuador: I haven’t been in the Andes since 2014. I miss it so much today. For 1 month and 10 days I will be visiting family and friends. I may go to the Pacific beach and the Jungle TO MEDITATE & RECHARGE!!!

Not really thinking on being connected all the time to my social medias but I am sure I will want to share some of my synchronical adventures.

Let me invite you to check out my posts on FB & Instagram, I am sure I will touch your heart through the images of  the amazing places where I may unroll my mat to practice and meditate!

Wishing you a magical Summer!!!

Sat Nam!

Mona (Hari Karm Kaur)