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“Decoding the integrated approach to yoga therapy: Qualitative evidence based conceptual framework”, International Journal of Yoga (IJOY), India, January 2014.



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2015-2019 France

La Spirale Yoga Therapy Center, director and manager.

YogAct Association, Project director: Resilient Woman, Yoga & Psychology for women overcoming PTSD.

Kaivalyam, Leadership Yogic Coaching for Free-Form Enterprises, in association with Arc Evolution Alsace.

Mona Villacres Yoga Psychology, entrepreneur, Workshops and trainings in yoga psychology.

Kundalini Yoga International Festival Workshops:

-“Transcending Trauma (2018)”

-“Confronting Anger (2017)”

-“Transforming Fear (2016)”

-“Mental Projection for Hypertension” (2015).

Hatha & Kundalini Yoga for beginners in different centers in Toulouse Downtown.

2012-2014 Quito, Ecuador

Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (UASM):

-“Foundations of Yoga therapy for health care”,

-“Sensitivity, emotional management and consciousness through prenatal yoga”,

Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ):

-“Self-Knowledge: Eastern philosophy and meditation practices”,

-“Yoga Psychology & Science”.


Principles of Yoga terapy
Yoga for hypertension
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
Kundalini Yoga Therapy
Cycles of life
Mental Projection

GRD Center for medicine & humanology: Assistant in curriculum development for Yoga Therapy Program (2012 USA, New Mexico).

2011-2012 India, Bangalore

A 1000 yoga studio: Regular classes and workshops: Kundalini Yoga for beginners. Bangalore, India

Overseas Women Community (OWC): Kundalini Yoga Workshop: Intention of the daily practice of  Yoga. Bangalore, India

2008-2009 Quito, Ecuador

Clinical Psychologist, Private consultation.

Yoga Therapy Services: Independent project promoting attention in health institutions with the use of Kundalini Yoga techniques (2006-2009).

Kundalini Yoga Foundation of Ecuador: Coordination of social development projects including lectures on yoga philosophy and yoga practices.

“Baca ortiz” Children’s hospital: Lectures on nutrition and natural health care for body-mind balance.

Healthy Training Group: Kundalini Yoga oriented to physical wisdom.

Yoga Vital SPA: Kundalini Yoga for beginners and intermediate levels: body consciousness and mind balance for stress management.

Biolider: Prenatal Yoga Sessions

Damiana Levy Dance & Yoga Studio: Kundalini Yoga for beginners.

Shakti: Kundalini Yoga for beginners and for middle age women.

Inepe: Yoga for School Teachers: introspection and sensitive mastery over teaching skills for marginal education centers in Quito.

Ekilibra: Introduction to Yoga for emotional stress.

Ciaf:  Introduction to Yoga for emotional stress.

Viraga: Yoga for classical ballet and contemporary professional dancers.

Samadhi: Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Center of Quito:  Yoga & Mandala Meditation.


Kundalini Yoga Center of Quito: Kundalini Yoga for beginners level (2007).

Bahia GYM: Kundalini Yoga for stress and depressive symptoms (2007 Argentina).

devas center: Introduction to Kundalini Yoga practice (2007 Argentina).

“El Arbol” cultural center: Kundalini Yoga for stress management (2007 Argentina).

Hatha yoga for corporate executives: Private Sessions (2006)

Women’s Rehabilitation Center: Hatha Yoga & Meditation practice for anxiety and violence while in prison (2005).

Yoga for mental health patients: Pilot Protocol, Groups sessions with loosening exercises for patients with advanced conditions of clinical diagnosed schizophrenia (2005).