“The Alchemist” & my personal story in the Yoga Mat

Reading again one of my biblical guide books… I can’t remember how many times I have read @paulocoelho ‘s best seller. Maybe more than 5 ?

In 22 years, not so much but enough between all that I read, I can’t stop thanking the universe for having let me found this book one day before leaving for my first trip to Europe in ‘96. It gave so much sense to what I was looking for in that journey.

Every single time I read « The alchemist » I remember how engaged I always was and am today to my #personalStory, to my true #identity and to hear and follow the language of the #universe. I feel deeply uplifted now and sometimes, when reading some of my favorite passages, some tears of joy fall through my eyes.: “Thank you so much my dear #universe for having shown me my true path”.

All that is written this book, every line, every single concept is a reflection of my inner journey. Today as I read it after a long time, after having lived in India and working with passion as a yoga therapist and psychologist, I just can’t stop thinking how lucky in this life! 🍀

Finally, a fascinating thing about this book, which I keep on saying to myself, it is written in such a way as if Paulo Coelho knew profoundly the philosophy in the #upanishads and #yogasutras! And the crazy thing is that it was all there already when I first read this book!!! Somehow, I got to memorize the most profound message that sages in this planet have been able to express. I was so in love with all that Coelho mentions here that I have this great feeling of having been here before.. 👽🛸 “Just learn not to listen to your mind, follow the signs of the universe ALWAYS- no matter what other people say! Your soul will reward you!”

Amazing book, read it as much as you can, give it as a gift to friends and family.. they will be #grateful at the end.

Traveling Abroad & Traveling Within

Arriving at Kanyakumari, India, Mona Villacres ©

Arriving at Kanyakumari, India, Mona Villacres ©
Arriving at Kanyakumari, India, 2010 Mona Villacres ©

I am preparing my luggage to start my summer vacations. At last!!! 2017 was the year of traveling within, now I need to go out there and apply the lessons learned! IT IS URGENT! haha! For those who follow me on my facebook fan page and instagram, they may understand what I am trying to say… 😉

So, what is my deal with TRAVELING?
My passion for traveling started when I was 14. I went to visit my uncles in the US and they took me to Canada. On the way back to NJ, I had to get a bus from Buffalo to NYC all alone (due to a logistic situation), and that was a great trip for me. It was the opportunity to get to know that I was a citizen of the world. And that felt SOOO GOOOD!. After that, I never stopped moving around the world.

Traveling is for me a creative way to freshen up my mind, to reconnect to the vibration of my heart and soul. The strength of the synchronicity that I experience in every journey is like honey for my existence.

This is how Yoga became my 2nd favorite way to travel: going far within. Somehow, these 2 directions converged in my life so that I travel because of any yoga activity. Amazing!.
This year after being at -my new- home for so long (7 months in a row – travelling within!) I am being gifted with 3 destinations (not all related to yoga events, but where my yoga practice will surely nourish my energy again!

So, this is how I start my trip:
1st Stop: The International Kundalini Yoga Festival here in France where I will give an intensive workshop on Anger (check it out!)
2nd Stop: Casablanca – Marocco: Planned since 2012, the idea is to travel around some parts of the country by car with my husband and 2 other friends. I can’t wait to take pictures again!!!!!
3rd Stop: HOME: Quito – Ecuador: I haven’t been in the Andes since 2014. I miss it so much today. For 1 month and 10 days I will be visiting family and friends. I may go to the Pacific beach and the Jungle TO MEDITATE & RECHARGE!!!

Not really thinking on being connected all the time to my social medias but I am sure I will want to share some of my synchronical adventures.

Let me invite you to check out my posts on FB & Instagram, I am sure I will touch your heart through the images of  the amazing places where I may unroll my mat to practice and meditate!

Wishing you a magical Summer!!!

Sat Nam!

Mona (Hari Karm Kaur)

“I Just Felt in Love with Yoga…”

I just Felt in Love with Yoga. MonaVillacresYoga©
“I just Felt in Love with Yoga”. Amsterdam, 2016, MonaVillacresYoga©

Somebody said this during an intensive program I attended last month. It resonated deep within me!.

“I Just Felt in Love with Yoga…” says all about my personal story with yoga. In fact, all that I have done since 2002, such as investing my savings in trainings, traveling abroad for yoga conferences and symposiums, my studies in India and intensive programs with inspiring teachers, all that was only because, my attraction to its powerful effect was always impossible to avoid. Today, yoga is my everyday lover since the first day I met it (New Jersey, July 2002).

Yes my dear fellows, you must know that all I share with you during classes and workshops is the result of this passionate and long lasting relationship. Despite yoga walks beside me all the time, our commitment is based on freedom. It is a healthy relationship in which lessons of life are integrated with grace and devotion to the infinite consciousness and not to any imposing religion. We walk together on a path of spiritual experiences. Like this, I listen to my body and my intuition to always confront daily events with a BIG SMILE, just as when I perform a new struggling asana or kundalini meditation. Like this, I must say that all actions all always perfect.

Being in love with yoga have liberated me from my fears and contradictions in life. I still live with them, but I do not suffer for them anymore. My new perception of reality is always linked with my vision, my search for authenticity and my path towards Self-Knowledge. I have learned to walk forward every day by sticking up to the present moment, feeling so free, ready for anything. This is an authentic love experience I share with the Universe in every single breath thanks to yoga.

I like inviting people to try falling in love with yoga; not only to practice it, but to let its unfolding message touch their hearts and to awaken their intuition. I invite them to let things just happen, also to discover more love experiences with and through yoga.

I wonder what is the description of this authentic relationship for every single human practicing yoga today in the world. What’s yours?

Have a wonderful day!

Infinite blessings,


My yogic injury & its new year’s blessing lesson on the mat

xmas bliss. Mona Villacres ©
xmas bliss. Mona Villacres ©

Namasté my dear friends!

Happy new year! It’s been a while!, Well, I have some great lessons I have integrated in the last 4 weeks and I’d humbly like to share them with you my little approach to this experience. I had a knee injury –for the 4th time-. while doing my morning practice before Christmas -some yoga teachers may say “welcome to the club darling”-.  This was at 7 am in the morning, my dog was with me but my husband was out of town. Since then, I have been taking my time to heal and recover from it.

Ozzy practicing Reiki on my Knee. Mona Villacres ©
Ozzy practicing Reiki on my Knee. Mona Villacres ©

“Here is where the real yoga begins”, I though.

I kind of recognize the “melodrama” my ego tries to set up when I injure: shame, impatience, judgment, anger and fear. Thanks to the sequence’s breathing that day, my mind got immediately focused enough to just be in the present moment and put the ego in “OFF mode” –sadly this happened after the injury and not before.

My only mission was to trust the Universe and to “continue practicing yoga off the mat” –out there in the real world with a meditative attitude- in order to start my recovery process on that pretty moment. “So, now is the moment in which I have to stop everything in life AGAIN”, I said to myself. Remember I have gone through this before. So, I reached the ER and went back home at 4pm. I was able to walk with a knee pad on my left leg and 2 canes. 

I prefer things to be simple and realistic when I injure myself

My inner moment. Mona Villacres ©
My inner moment. Mona Villacres ©

I knew there was an important lesson to be learnt, but I put that on the side for a little while and kept a strong communication with my body so we could reach together an optimal state to heal properly, with no fear in between.

I believe that going through a moment of injury is a very personal thing. I always try to keep it to myself and explain what happened in the simplest way until I see the results of my rehabilitation process. I prefer to do an introversive work –not isolating- like writing about my experience, rest, read, sleep, meditate and be completely disconnected for a few days at least until the inflammation goes down. If my ego comes up with negative ideas, I tell him with a serious voice: “All what you are saying is NOT true; in this pretty moment I am here and now and nothing of what you are saying is happening”. This is a very useful tool.

Re-structuring how my mind can perceive reality.

Luckily, it was Christmas -I looove Christmas!- and all my friends and family where calling and writing which made me feel I was not alone, but when asked how I was doing my answer was: “I am feeling great!” Not trying to hide anything, but just imagine how conscious I was about all that was happening to me in that pretty moment; I don’t find a greater moment in life than a moment of full consciousness.

Sweet love. Mona Villacres ©In order to make my ego perceive reality in a different way I decided to spend my holidays enjoying life by giving all the love possible to everyone -and not painful complaints-: having conscious interactions with family members, allowing myself to enjoy the view through the window –my in-laws have a house in front of the beach here in France-, making Christmas cookies for our guests, trying to eat healthy -I did not eat all the cookies!-, resting, reading and meditating.

Indeed, I decided not to “TALK” to everyone about my knee. You have to be very careful on how you communicate others about your injury. Conscious communication helps to heal as you talk about yourself. I find this very important because not everybody understands that an injury could be a blessing lesson when you are on the mat. I have been working on this for a long time, and my experience is that when you talk elevated about your injury you are actually healing it. I confess, this time I have enjoyed so much being injured. Hey!, this was not my state of mind that morning before getting injured, I automatically adopted this attitude 1 second after I found myself with my knee blocked on the floor.

 Discipline off the mat is a fun fact for a wise recovery

For the first time in my life I gave myself permission to use anti-inflammatory drugs but I detoxified a few days later with a green fast. At the same time I supported my treatment with ice, essential oils for massage and drain, Bach Flower therapy for emotions and homeopathy for pain and inflammation as well.

raw-detox. Mona Villacres ©
raw-detox. Mona Villacres ©

This week a month had passed and I have been very disciplined with my recovery: drinking green smoothies, water and herbal infusions for liver and kidneys, raw food 90% of the time, meditation in bed –since I was not allowed to do crossed leg on the floor-, practicing some healing techniques, focusing always in the here and now, not thinking whether I was going to continue practicing or teaching soon-, practicing isometrics as the therapist has suggested, etc. After 2 weeks or so, my inner lesson started to become clear: 1 month before my workshop on “Stillness in movement”, I had to humbly learn something else by being completely immobilized: the importance of elevating your soul to move with grace in order to develop self-love.

Balancing on left leg. Mona Villacres ©
Balancing on left leg. Mona Villacres ©

Twenty days after, my therapist told me stop using the canes and the kneepad to start walking again. I said: “WHAAAT???”, I was afraid to have pain, of tearing the meniscus again, but for him I was progressing very fast and he believed I could do it. So, I threw myself to the streets of Toulouse and started walking 4 steps every breath I would take, I mean, SO SLOWLY. Learning to walk again. This was a crazy experience because I could perceive my mind complaining and wanting to rush. To reach the cabinet where I work with my patients I would take 50 minutes compared to 15!. I believe this was a real meditative exercise, and I was happy my soul was brightly present and calming.

All was so slow in my life. And I couldn’t stop smiling. Life was full of grace as I walked. What a great lesson, I just have to be humble and learn to “kneel” in front of the infinite, why rush and push forward my body and my life?.


Not looking forward to the future: just making big decisions here and know

In between all the other wonderful lessons I have to share from my writings, I still have no answers on what is going to happen. I am in a re-adaptation phase and only yesterday I was able to sit down on the floor on a mat, I can’t still bend my knee to 60 degrees in easy-pose but I am gaining force and stability in different muscle groups to support the knee. I can pedal the static bicycle, balance my body on the left knee, bend it with no weight directly over it, and perhaps downward dog and uttanasana, hahaha!.

Love Love Love. Mona Villacres ©
Love Love Love. Mona Villacres ©

What I am sure is happening now is that, I am completely changing my personal practice. I love this idea of giving my body what it needs to be strong and healthy, and not what it needs to perform an asana, or to demonstrate that I can do crazy things to make it “fit”. This is not yoga. I always knew it. Yoga is about self-love, grace and gratitude. I believe that this is one of the most important keys for stillness while in movement on the mat. BUT I tend to forget this. I am human, I have the right to learn from my mistakes. Hopefully.

If my story and these principles tell you something, if you feel you need to integrate these concepts on the mat, maybe it is the time to consciously slow down or stop completely, as I needed to do to re-confirm these facts and principles on that day.

Wishing you all my friends a wonderful year full of health, self-love and above all consciousness and wisdom on your mat.

With all my heart,


La Canción de la Sopa

Breakfast Missl 2016 Mona Villacres ©
Breakfast Missl 2016 Mona Villacres ©

This is the group of the Hispanic Karma Yogis of the International Yoga Festival here in France -some are not hispanic but they love the language and the vibe so they come anyway-.

At 8am, after chanting a song called “La Canción de la Sopa” (see the video below), they serve breakfast to 3000 people every year. There are some yogis who have already come to help in this service for more than a decade. Others have come 4 years in a row and others are completely new to kundalini yoga, so they have come for the first time to help us.

The newcomers mostly do not know what is the goal of doing Karma Yoga – Selfless Service-. So, we consider that this is the best way to learn a little bit about it. We start from the principle that seva -service- is all about what HAS TO BE DONE and not what WE WANT to do. The greatest challenge of serving breakfast -a very spiced potato soup with bananas and oranges on the side- is that we tend to forget that we have an Ego, -who tends to be hungry and angry-, so we get upset very easily and we tend to listen to our negative mind too often with its destructive opinions about everything. Hence, learning the principle of serve with a big smile and with a reverence, as the first thing to be done at no matter what circumstances. And this is our rule number one, to which everybody agreed saying “Yes Sir!”.

This is my 3rd year leading the group with 2 other yogis -who are not always the same people because they find it very hard to lead 70 people every morning. And who wants to do this dirty job!?. Well, US. This time the whole group was congratulated for being able to handle some important situations early in the morning with great dedication and compassion, -heavy rain on tantric day, lack of soup and grumpy participants-, leaving the complaint and their ego on the side.

We encouraged our sevadars -those who practice service in this activity- to focus only on solutions instead of bringing up the problems they would perceive and to always draw a big smile no matter what!.

After serving and having our own breakfast we had a meeting in which we spend more time meditating and sharing a good vibe instead of letting our Ego be a priority -complaining-. The meditations we tried where mainly mantras to focus the mind, something we need to achieve our main goal in serving others without the need of receiving something backwards.

The group realized the greatness of their potential only at the end of our work, 7 days later, when they sat down to give some feedback about their experience. I can only thank the group for trusting the leaders on this journey. We knew there are tons of things to organize better for the next year , but our only aim is to make them understand what’s the aim of serving.

Everybody was happy to have gone through this experience! If you speak Spanish, come join us next year!

Infinite blessings to all of you!

Mona (Hari Karm Kaur)

Video “Canción de la Sopa”

Confront your Deepest Fears and then just RELAX

Confront your deepest fear and relax, Intl Yoga Festival France, August 2016
Confront your deepest fear and relax, Intl Yoga Festival France, August 2016

Traveling is the best way to get inspired and to renew your creativity. Like this you learn to overcome some little things in life –not to say everything.

Along a journey, you may find tiny situations that make you wiser. These are lessons to test your strength to confront incertitude and fear. When I travel I love to welcome these lessons with an open heart and I integrate them in my yoga sessions.

This is how after many years of traveling, I’ve become able to help my patients to “decode” their fears. The main problem is that they do not know “who’s talking” in their heads when fear and stress take over their body. There are people who believe that whatever this voice says is REAL. This is what we psychologists call “irrational beliefs”. These wrong beliefs distort our perception when we live a frightening situation making us feel stressed, paralyzed, angry or depressed. Somehow, it becomes a vicious cycle from which people may not be able to escape from.

Since my patients can’t go often on a trip to achieve a goal related to overcome fear, I invite them to live their daily life as a never-ending journey in which a yoga session is the inspiring part of their trip reminding them the importance of a full heart compromise.

Their first mission is to work with their physical bodies to control the emotional reactions: An intensive preparation for the nervous system that sustains their reactions when they feel afraid. This is basically what I share in my new personalized yoga sessions “Kundalini Yoga – La dynamique du corps physique”,  “Yoga à L’Atelier 2i” and “Kudalini Asana 1 – Atelier Intensive“. They are mainly  an intensive preparation of the body including not only muscles and bones but also the nervous, immune, hormonal, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems.

Once balancing them, the second step is to learn to “observe” when they hear the little voice whispering words of fear. Then, they have to recognize if it is the ego, the mind or the soul. This journey becomes even deeper as the person works with its energetic, mental and subtle bodies. A simple rule to master this exercise: Remember that the soul does not know fear or sorrow. Hence, when the fear’s voice talks, you must know it is not telling you the truth.

Once you memorize this principle they can move forward to the 3rd step: real confrontation towards uncertainty and fear. This is the work I shared at the International Yoga Festival in France last month in a 6-hour workshop “Transforming fear into love energy” (click here for the french version next autumn). I am so grateful with all those who came and were committed to integrate the principles of yoga psychology to transform their deepest fears into something different, into something beautiful. These people were brave enough to make it happen!. The participants went through an immersion towards inner knowledge with the use of kundalini yoga rebirthing techniques. It was a real journey of self-renewal and inner integration towards authenticity. Thank you so much for wanting to rediscover yourself!

If you were not there, I hope you join me into this trip I enjoy so much to share and accompany others in my next workshops!.

For now I share with you this meditation on Maturity and Wisdom (from Yogi Bhajan). Check out the commentaries I wrote and try to build it up starting with 3 minutes, then 11, 22 and then 31 if you like it very much. Click here to download, use the code in the newsletter.

For those who were in the Festival and would like to have some of the material I offered please write me an email to monavillacresyoga@gmail.com

Have a wonderful Autumn!

Infinite Blessings!


Mental Projection to Start the Year in My Own Yogic Way

Our X-Mas Tree
Our X-Mas Tree

Sat Nam! Namasté!

I am back in Toulouse after almost 10 days of visiting my cousin and 2 very close friends of mine in Germany.
We spent new year’s eve together with the sound of firecrackers and (me) with a nice vegan dinner.. =) I was the only weirdo eating “simple food” that night… =s
Even though I was very busy with the preparation of the food on the 31st, I locked myself in our room for around 3 hours to meditate and write down what I achieved in 2015 and my resolutions for this new year 2016. Afterwards, I made all the family take what I call “a prosperity bath”… =) this is something we do as a tradition in my country… I will explain to you later.. =p.
2015 was an amazing year, because, I decided it was going to be like that in 2014… =), no jokes, it really worked!.
First, I decided to cut down in gluten foods, which I think I did in 70%. My naturopath doctor made me realize how gluten products swell  my body and I see the changes in it today. So! yeeeh! I made it… this year I am keeping the same goal. I developed the habit of looking for products that are gluten free in the supermarket, different types of flour to cook even recipes!… for me.., this is a great change.
I also decided to cut on sugar a few years back, and well, it is the same process as for gluten, but this time I may say I reduced sugar intake to more than 70%…, and this is because I do take a few things with sugar like FRUITS… =p,  (did you read my so-strict article on how do yogis should eat during Holidays?) Check it out!  You won’t like it! I am sure!.. =P So.. yeeeeh! I will keep on with the same resolution and add up some more effort!
There were many other things I worked on in 2015. I decided to retake my yoga teaching path the way I am doing today and I am glad I am becoming better in teaching in French. This was a SUPER CHALLENGE for me this year. Perhaps the next Mental Projection Workshop I will give it in French.. =)
Last year I noted down that I “was already” teaching yoga classes in a fluent french,  and I did not stop learning french to teach a simple yoga class (as for 1 hour asanas but not philosophy) the whole year long! It became automatized within me. This year I must improve my skills to share deeper information.
So many resolutions for this year!  Oh God! that sounds as if my brain will explode!.. but you know what??? I will do it.. I will apply the principle of Law of Least Effort (for more about yogic principles come to our mental projection workshop, next time in French version!).
Ok, I hope my words might have encouraged you to write down some important resolutions for your new year. It is not late.
Have a wonderful weekend,
enjoy life and be happy!
infinite blessings,

Yogic Attitude to Eat During Holidays

"You are what you eat"
“You are what you eat”

Conscious principles to give your stomach joy and happiness with organization and breathing.

Our yoga practice should go along with a conscious way of eating. Celebrating during these holidays is a good opportunity to experience this. To decide “Not to eat anything” is not an option. After 14 years of being vegetarian, I may say that conscious eating depends on our commitment and attitude to eat healthy in special occasions. Here I share some tips to eat with awareness along the holidays. They may sound very strict, but it is worth the effort to learn from them. This is one of my favorite ways of practicing yoga. Hope you can integrate them along the rest of the year.

Organize & Visualize your Meals

You will have so many invitations in December! Note them down in your calendar. Have an idea on how to behave during these meals. Will you eat patiently, consciously, gluten-free, dairy-free? Just visualize. Do not decide! Generate the will to eat with a healthy desire and not impulsively as a resolution. Have a projection on what your stomach will feel like along the month: “Light Stomach”, “Fast digestion”, “Glowing Face”, “Happy Heart”, etc. Eat healthy and less in between your meeting days, before and after them. Observe you eating habits and decide to change them if you can’t follow these principles.

Choose Healthy Places to Eat

Make a list of organic restaurants, bio-coffee shops, or places that sell conscious food. Hand it over to your family and friends. Ask them to choose from it where to go with you. They may get used to eat there as well. Your home is another place you should decide to eat at.

Befriend Sattvic

A yogic lifestyle integrates fresh, regional and organic products. These are not treated with chemicals and when consumed, they give you the sensation of lightness. They purify your blood and keep you calmed and neutral. When choosing a dish, avoid products that make you feel sleepy (Tamasic foods: dairy, carbohydrates & gluten), or that accelerate your nervous system (Rajasic foods: wine, coffee, salt, sugar).

Practice Yoga & Meditate

Your daily practice gives you strength to hold on to your nutritional resolutions. Build up clarity to confront a chocolate cake. The mind makes you believe that you “want” something you don’t “need”. Learn to weaken its voice. Practice daily at least 3 minutes of the breathing exercises I offer on my webpage to have more character and commitment.

 Eat Homemade Food

In between your holiday’s invitations, cook at home. Have vegetables and fruits in your kitchen. Look for veg recipes online. Prepare soups. They are easy to digest and very nutritious. Steam vegetables. Eat hot or cold salads with clean protein. Prepare gluten-free or dairy-free desserts. Use your blender or juicer to make green vegetable juices to nourish yourself and boost your immune system. Your stomach will be so happy!

Take your Healthy Food with You

Make your home the best restaurant in the area. Do not buy ready made food. Take the time to cook and take your dishes to your parties. Do not expect others to prepare something healthy for you. Sometimes their recipes have ingredients that you do not consume. At the end, people end up always asking for the recipes!

Feel your Food with your Hands

Do not take what your body is telling you NOT to take. Breathe 3 times before choosing or grabbing your options. Impose your hands and verify if the vibration of what you have chosen suits your body. Choose what you need to eat. The bio-energy of fruits, vegetables and already made dishes can tell you if they are right for you.

Ask for Modifications or Say No with a Smile

Pizza with no cheese is a super healthy option. Replace cheese with onions (immune booster), green peppers (phytonutrients) or mushrooms (protein). Read about what ingredients are best for your health. If somebody tries to force you to eat something you know you don’t need, just say “No thanks” with a smile. Do not explain anything. People won’t mind if you smile with an open heart. It is very simple!

At the Coffee Shop

Don’t be tricked by “Seasonal Hot Chocolate” and “Spiced Capuccino”. Ask for the soymilk version with no cream or try any sort of tea. Do not add sugar (agave syrup or stevia are an option). Treat yourself with a glutten-free pastry. If there are no more options ask for “A LITLLE TINY COOKIE” or nothing.

No Blames: Detox!

Do not blame yourself if you were not able to act based on your resolutions. The day after big meals you may feel heavy and uneasy. There is a way to solve this. Drink a lot of water and prepare yourself several cups of herbal tea (chamomile, peppermint, verbena, ginger with cinnamon, green tea or roiboos). Have a very humble breakfast with fruits and rice milk. Live light during that day. This is why it is important to know when will you have an invitation and where. You must be prepared at home. This way you help your stomach digest with awareness and self-love.

Enjoy your Holidays!

With love,


Recognizing Hidden Messages in Life’s Adventures

Our life is an adventure full of wise messages. Mona Villacres Yoga ®
Our life is an adventure full of wise messages. Mona Villacres Yoga ®

Try this 3 minutes meditation to see the positive in the negative.

Inner transformation can be a journey of amazing adventures. Each of these will always be a life’s gift for inner development. The ideal is to recognize the gifts hidden in every happy or sad situation you go through along your path. People tend to perceive sad moments as a burden, and that is a wrong habit. But that is because they may be too busy listening to their mind, ignoring the message hidden behind. The truth is, an adventure’s message is always communicated by the CENTER, the soul, and not by the mind.

Every stress situation is an adventure that brings a lesson of life. To decode the messages you need to be attentive to your breath, to remember your capacity to differentiate the voice of the mind from that of the center, and you may have to trust your potential to change behavioral habits blocking your path towards self-discovery. Learning to integrate these 3 points takes practice and time. It is just a question of decision. Detachment when listening to the mind is an important principle for a compromised yoga practice.

The challenge now is to apply this principle at every tough situation and to tell yourself: “I only listen to my calmed breath”. The voice of the mind loses a lot of power with affirmations like this because the brain has the mission to take your attention to another subject different from your mind’s voice.

Here I share a meditation to be practiced 3 minutes minimum during 15 days. It helps training your attention to be alert in the future. You will recognize very quickly the voice of your mind. After a few days you will feel more open to live more adventures and to discover their hidden messages with a more confident and calm attitude and not with fear or stress.

Click here now to try the 3 minutes meditation of the month.

Use the code sent in my monthly newsletter, if you don’t have it subscribe to the list now to receive it.

Infinite Blessings!


Yoga during times of violence

Light and Love for Paris, Mona Villacres Yoga ®
Light and Love for Paris, Mona Villacres Yoga ®

Thanks to all my family members and friends who have written asking if everything is ok with us. I have tried to answer a few messages with a vague response.. because honestly… I did not know what to say… “We are fine.. we are in another city.. friends and family there are ok..”… Yes, I tried to believe that I was safe because I do not live in Paris… but this not only concerns Paris, but the whole country now…and the whole world…

It has taken me almost 24 hours to be able to express myself over the attacks in Paris. Perhaps I do not need to do it… =s, but I cannot continue thinking this is not affecting me directly.. I tend to be egoistic in situations like this… perhaps is a normal trend in human beings when they are in shock…

In fact, yesterday morning, after watching 2 hours of news on TV.. I decided to shut it off. I just couldn’t continue watching and listening… I didn’t even try to check on the news online, or watch videos of the attacks… so many people giving their opinion about what is happening.. I just couldn’t follow the thread..I think that is normal when you are in shock… : So, I tried to continue my day normally.. =s. which was not possible at the end… friends on the phone tellimg me their opinion and what they have already seen… I think I was trying to convince myself that this was not my reality… I answered a few messages on the phone but was not open to give an opinion over what it is happening now in France.

Only during meditation I was able to listen to my own self and realize what might be my personal opinion about this….It was definitely my heart and soul talking.. and not the repetition of the medias…:
I am a person who loves life, I am against suicide and homicide (not only killing animals but also humans)… I am not in rage, I may not be sad, Afraid? I have no clue.. =s.

I am perhaps, disappointed with human ignorance and alienation. “How can people make others believe that they will go to paradise by killing THEMSELVES and OTHERS????”!!!. We need to build up a world with VALUES AND ETHICS “PRO LIFE”… (I am not saying “Moral values”), values in the education system.. “why is that so difficult for the actual governments?”, ok, we all know the answers… “How can’t youngsters read and open their perception of how beautiful life can be in this world?”, “How can’t people understand and practice compassion?”, my ideal world, just there in front of me during meditation…

Indeed, I disagree with alienation and sectarianism. I believe in freedom of spirit, and that I am sure has nothing to do with homicide and suicide.. because the soul LOVES LIFE… that I am 100% sure.
Ok, beautiful.. ..BUT on the other hand.. it is true.. I may live in a dream.. because WAR DEATHS happen EVERY MINUTE… and it is real… innocent people are dying.. now… I felt totally impotent after I realized this. So, it seems that physically I cannot reach out and save the world as we all would like to do.. I may be able to write a few words and then make them vanish through these social medias.. but there is something I can do, I am sure.

At this pretty moment I feel I am not in shock anymore, because I am talking… good!, that is a good sign… then, how can I help others to go through this situation that is definitely affecting me directly (because I live in France and I am sure tomorrow when I step out to go the metro I will see hundreds of military men on the streets.. more shocking…)
The only things I have today to help others to go through this moment of fear and pain are: the power of my prayer to awaken self-compassion, the energy to heal others’ hearts, and the projection of my mind towards self less action. Like these guys who believe they have a mission through terrorism.. well, I also have a mission…My mission in this world is to help others to live in a PRO LIFE REALITY, not a dream life… a life with values to support others with love, compassion and optimism. I may reach only a few.. but this is what I can do to support my posture against war and to support those who are suffering their lost not only in Paris but AROUND THE WORLD.

I propose that we get together and practice yoga to remember how to stand tall and communicate and heal from the soul (and not from fear) through movement and the current of sound. Chanting mantras is a very good tool (Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung for healing and Akal Maha Akal to dissolve fear). Write me to get the full version of the meditations I am suggesting here to monavillacresyoga@gmail.com

Well, so now at least  I am sure I have an opinion about all this…

Thank you very much for your time and will of sharing these words with others who may like to integrate a mission alike in their lives. Namaste.