The Magic of Yoga in India: Consciousness everywhere you step on!

Mona Villacres ®
Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India

Come with me and live a magical experience to reconnect with the authenticity of your soul…

I am very excited to announce this amazing trip!

After living in India for 3 years (where I did my Masters in Research on yoga therapy and Indian psychology), I was convinced that India is the only place on earth (perhaps there might be others I do not know yet), where you can feel the vibration of the Infinite Consciousness everywhere you step on.

I want you to live this same experience I had! I have so many stories to share and so many yogic experiences for you, I would love we can go together.

WHEN IS THIS???? 1st months of 2017

WHO CAN COME??? Yoga practitioners who are open to practice yoga with a different view, (maximum of 8 participants).



Write me so we can stay in contact and you will receive more info!

Infinite blessings,





Encounter Authenticity in the Mountains’ Pranaa

Kundalini Praanayam Techniques & Yoga Psychology tools to integrate principles of Self-Knowledge. This explosive combination of Yoga & Nature is
unique to heal your heart and live through Authenticity. Let it happen! Join Us! [ezcol_2third] POSTER sachaji_original copy_sinfecha

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Welcome to the Andes of Ecuador. Let the spirit of the mountains energize your body and uplift your soul. During 4 days & 3 nights we will explore and work through a deep experience with Kundalini Praanayam Techniques & Yoga Psychology tools to integrate principles of Self-Knowledge. This explosive combination of Yoga & Nature is unique to heal your heart and live through Authenticity. Let it happen! Join Us!

Mona Villacres integrates Yoga techniques & Psychology tools to lead students and patients to live a projected vision towards self-knowledge and freedom. The result is the encounter of a coherent and authentic personality in harmony with the soul. After living in the Andes for 20 years, she believes self-knowledge is possible when we connect with Nature, with the Pacha-mama, whose energy help us to encounter VISION, COMPASSION and LOVE.

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