Needing a new horizon to perceive life?

Try my simple breathing tool to live a new different moment.This new season comes with new things to try in life, and we tend to see them as if it is too much to handle at the same time. We get frustrated as we try to achieve our roll in life but still we are not sure what is that and why we feel so constrained and confused. The results: anger or tears. The cause: FEAR. ...

Encounter Authenticity in the Mountains’ Pranaa

Kundalini Praanayam Techniques & Yoga Psychology tools to integrate principles of Self-Knowledge. This explosive combination of Yoga & Nature is unique to heal your heart and live through Authenticity. Let it happen! Join Us! [ezcol_2third] [/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]Welcome to the Andes of Ecuador. Let the spirit of the mountains energize your body and ...