Changing Habits with Breath and Observation

Remember your potential to become who you are by remembering the essence of the soul. Breathing consciously helps you to know your center and to recognize your true identity through which you feel existence is light, joyful and generous. The soul only knows this. As you develop a conscious breathing pattern you learn to OBSERVE at great length: the dynamics of your outer a...

Karma Yoga in Real Action

TO DONATE IS SIMPLE, JUST BE IN THE MOOD TO SERVE… SERVE WITH YOUR HEART AND YOU WILL HAVE THE RESOURCES IN YOUR HANDS TO REACH YOUR GOAL… SERVICE IS SIMPLE, JUST OPEN UP TO PRACTICE IT. Namaste! Today we succeed in delivering real service to human kind… thanks to our yogic friends Claudia Hernández, Alvaro, Mel Sauzameda, Alain R., Liss Ordoñez , Galo Maldonado, Malik Maro...

Needing a new horizon to perceive life?

Try my simple breathing tool to live a new different moment.This new season comes with new things to try in life, and we tend to see them as if it is too much to handle at the same time. We get frustrated as we try to achieve our roll in life but still we are not sure what is that and why we feel so constrained and confused. The results: anger or tears. The cause: FEAR. ...