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Thématiques sur la Yoga Thérapie 2019-2020Yoga pour la digestionSamedi, 21 septembre 2019, 16h00 – 19h00Lieu: La Spirale Yoga Therapy Center - L'UnionComprenez le message émotionnel de vos troubles de l’estomac.Connaissez des exercices de yoga clés pour maintenir une bonne santé abdominale.Utilisez la respiration pour changer l’intensité du « feu digestif&...

6 stages for a successful Yoga practice

Since my arrival in France, this is the first time that a student asks me very cautiously how is my practice in the morning … hahaha! I like the students' curiosity! To reach self-knowledge, one must be curious definitely!! Here was my answer, I said, to be able to enjoy your whole day after a good revitalizing practice.For some it may be a little exaggerated, but for...

What is Yoga Therapy?

Concept of yoga as a therapy in modern medicine & Introduction to research evidence in academic studies 30 janvier, 18h30- 20h30, Etincelle, 2 Rue d'Austerlitz In the last decades modern civilization has known yoga for its physical and psychological benefits. Regular and healthy practitioners have proven that yoga techniques (postures, breathing exercises, ...