Mental Projection to Start the Year in My Own Yogic Way

Our X-Mas Tree
Our X-Mas Tree

Sat Nam! Namasté!

I am back in Toulouse after almost 10 days of visiting my cousin and 2 very close friends of mine in Germany.
We spent new year’s eve together with the sound of firecrackers and (me) with a nice vegan dinner.. =) I was the only weirdo eating “simple food” that night… =s
Even though I was very busy with the preparation of the food on the 31st, I locked myself in our room for around 3 hours to meditate and write down what I achieved in 2015 and my resolutions for this new year 2016. Afterwards, I made all the family take what I call “a prosperity bath”… =) this is something we do as a tradition in my country… I will explain to you later.. =p.
2015 was an amazing year, because, I decided it was going to be like that in 2014… =), no jokes, it really worked!.
First, I decided to cut down in gluten foods, which I think I did in 70%. My naturopath doctor made me realize how gluten products swell  my body and I see the changes in it today. So! yeeeh! I made it… this year I am keeping the same goal. I developed the habit of looking for products that are gluten free in the supermarket, different types of flour to cook even recipes!… for me.., this is a great change.
I also decided to cut on sugar a few years back, and well, it is the same process as for gluten, but this time I may say I reduced sugar intake to more than 70%…, and this is because I do take a few things with sugar like FRUITS… =p,  (did you read my so-strict article on how do yogis should eat during Holidays?) Check it out!  You won’t like it! I am sure!.. =P So.. yeeeeh! I will keep on with the same resolution and add up some more effort!
There were many other things I worked on in 2015. I decided to retake my yoga teaching path the way I am doing today and I am glad I am becoming better in teaching in French. This was a SUPER CHALLENGE for me this year. Perhaps the next Mental Projection Workshop I will give it in French.. =)
Last year I noted down that I “was already” teaching yoga classes in a fluent french,  and I did not stop learning french to teach a simple yoga class (as for 1 hour asanas but not philosophy) the whole year long! It became automatized within me. This year I must improve my skills to share deeper information.
So many resolutions for this year!  Oh God! that sounds as if my brain will explode!.. but you know what??? I will do it.. I will apply the principle of Law of Least Effort (for more about yogic principles come to our mental projection workshop, next time in French version!).
Ok, I hope my words might have encouraged you to write down some important resolutions for your new year. It is not late.
Have a wonderful weekend,
enjoy life and be happy!
infinite blessings,