Yoga during times of violence

Light and Love for Paris, Mona Villacres Yoga ®
Light and Love for Paris, Mona Villacres Yoga ®

Thanks to all my family members and friends who have written asking if everything is ok with us. I have tried to answer a few messages with a vague response.. because honestly… I did not know what to say… “We are fine.. we are in another city.. friends and family there are ok..”… Yes, I tried to believe that I was safe because I do not live in Paris… but this not only concerns Paris, but the whole country now…and the whole world…

It has taken me almost 24 hours to be able to express myself over the attacks in Paris. Perhaps I do not need to do it… =s, but I cannot continue thinking this is not affecting me directly.. I tend to be egoistic in situations like this… perhaps is a normal trend in human beings when they are in shock…

In fact, yesterday morning, after watching 2 hours of news on TV.. I decided to shut it off. I just couldn’t continue watching and listening… I didn’t even try to check on the news online, or watch videos of the attacks… so many people giving their opinion about what is happening.. I just couldn’t follow the thread..I think that is normal when you are in shock… : So, I tried to continue my day normally.. =s. which was not possible at the end… friends on the phone tellimg me their opinion and what they have already seen… I think I was trying to convince myself that this was not my reality… I answered a few messages on the phone but was not open to give an opinion over what it is happening now in France.

Only during meditation I was able to listen to my own self and realize what might be my personal opinion about this….It was definitely my heart and soul talking.. and not the repetition of the medias…:
I am a person who loves life, I am against suicide and homicide (not only killing animals but also humans)… I am not in rage, I may not be sad, Afraid? I have no clue.. =s.

I am perhaps, disappointed with human ignorance and alienation. “How can people make others believe that they will go to paradise by killing THEMSELVES and OTHERS????”!!!. We need to build up a world with VALUES AND ETHICS “PRO LIFE”… (I am not saying “Moral values”), values in the education system.. “why is that so difficult for the actual governments?”, ok, we all know the answers… “How can’t youngsters read and open their perception of how beautiful life can be in this world?”, “How can’t people understand and practice compassion?”, my ideal world, just there in front of me during meditation…

Indeed, I disagree with alienation and sectarianism. I believe in freedom of spirit, and that I am sure has nothing to do with homicide and suicide.. because the soul LOVES LIFE… that I am 100% sure.
Ok, beautiful.. ..BUT on the other hand.. it is true.. I may live in a dream.. because WAR DEATHS happen EVERY MINUTE… and it is real… innocent people are dying.. now… I felt totally impotent after I realized this. So, it seems that physically I cannot reach out and save the world as we all would like to do.. I may be able to write a few words and then make them vanish through these social medias.. but there is something I can do, I am sure.

At this pretty moment I feel I am not in shock anymore, because I am talking… good!, that is a good sign… then, how can I help others to go through this situation that is definitely affecting me directly (because I live in France and I am sure tomorrow when I step out to go the metro I will see hundreds of military men on the streets.. more shocking…)
The only things I have today to help others to go through this moment of fear and pain are: the power of my prayer to awaken self-compassion, the energy to heal others’ hearts, and the projection of my mind towards self less action. Like these guys who believe they have a mission through terrorism.. well, I also have a mission…My mission in this world is to help others to live in a PRO LIFE REALITY, not a dream life… a life with values to support others with love, compassion and optimism. I may reach only a few.. but this is what I can do to support my posture against war and to support those who are suffering their lost not only in Paris but AROUND THE WORLD.

I propose that we get together and practice yoga to remember how to stand tall and communicate and heal from the soul (and not from fear) through movement and the current of sound. Chanting mantras is a very good tool (Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung for healing and Akal Maha Akal to dissolve fear). Write me to get the full version of the meditations I am suggesting here to

Well, so now at least  I am sure I have an opinion about all this…

Thank you very much for your time and will of sharing these words with others who may like to integrate a mission alike in their lives. Namaste.